Captain Robert Ward is a former United States Air Force pilot (1967 - 1973) who flew 165 combat missions in the F-100 Super Sabre in Vietnam in 1970. He has kindly provided two excellent videos for viewing by those with an interest in England AFB and the F-100. His commentary and videos are included below ...

My Dad took took this short movie clip in April 1971 at England AFB in Alexandria, LA. I was flying the F-100 with the 68th Tactical Fighter Squadron at this time. We were getting ready to deploy to North Carolina for a 2-week training exercise. My squadron flew these planes back from Vietnam in September 1970. While in Vietnam, we were assigned to the 612th Tactical Fighter Squadron. This clip shows me starting up my plane, S/N 55-2949, taxiing to the runway and taking off. 

My F-100 in Vietnam carried a gun camera and an aft-looking belly camera.  When I returned to the States, I brought back several rolls of the film.  I had the film digitized and put together a movie where I merged the actual camera film into a computerized flight simulation that I flew on my computer with “Strike Fighters, Vietnam”. 

So what you see in the video below is me rolling in on a target and releasing my simulated ordinance.  As the bombs/napalm are coming off the wing, I merge into the actual camera footage from my plane, which tracks the real bombs/napalm to impact.  It also features a couple strafing sequences.

F-100 Combat Film, Vietnam 1970, from Robert Ward on Vimeo.



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