Thanks for taking the time to journey back to the past, at England Air Force Base! We hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the air base as it existed before its closure in 1992.

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EAFB Reunion information from Sam Searcy ...


•       Reunion Name:                      401st  EAFB
•       Reunion Dates:                      October 6 – 8, 2017
•       Reunion Location:                  Alexandria, Louisiana @ England Air Park
•       Planner Contact Name:           Sam Searcy
•       Planner Contact Email:
•       Planner Contact Phone:         720-841-1060
•       Organization website:  
•       Hotel Information:                   Comfort Suites
•                                                      Alexandria, LA
                                                        (318) 445-9800
•       Reunion Registration Deadline Dates:        September 23, 2017
•       Branch of Service:                                     United States Air Force

The 401st Tactical Fighter Wing (401st TFW) was assigned to England AFB, Louisiana from February, 1954 until permanently split and reassigned to Spain and Viet Nam in April, 1966.    Most of the Squadrons were split in April, 1966 and some troops moved with the 401st TFW and others were reassigned to the 834th Air Division at England Air Force Base. 


This reunion started as a Supply Reunion for any 401st/834th Supply personnel and expanded to anyone stationed at England AFB during the 1960s. 


Join us for the activities and reconnecting with life-long friends.


If you have a connection with England Air Force Base or with the 401st TFW, you are encouraged to attend. Join us, you will feel at home in a casual, relaxed, fun group of veterans.

2017 Registration Form:   

Joe W. Mellette
October 15, 2017


My first duty station 66-67. Worked on C-47  45-1009. Enjoyed the base and the people very much.

Mike Burns (
October 8, 2017


Am looking for Pete Johnson, Pat Lewis, Bernie Goheen that served from 1960-1964.  If anyone can give me a lead on these guys sure would be deeply appreciated ... thanks.

Jim Reynolds
October 3, 2017


Our A-26 Special Kay will be making a Fuel stop at Alexandra (England) on Sat Oct 14, 2017 about 9:30 am depending on weather. Will depart about 10:30 for Hurlburt AFB for the Air. Commando Reunion & Memorial flyover on Sun.


Will return for another England stop on Mon Oct 16 about 9:30 or 10 am. Come see us!

Msgt Robert Thomas, Retired
September 25, 2017


England was my first assignment after tech school in 1969. I was assigned to the 4410 FMS as an ammo troop and worked at the munitions storage area. We had A-37's and AC-47's at the time.

John Malek
September 20, 2017


Stationed at EAFB 1965-1968. Worked on fire trucks and refueling rigs.

Les Charleville
September 4, 2017


AGE shop, 73-74. Great assignment, great friends, great times. Hey Jim Wilson, I'm living in California now.

Eric Williams
Ft. Smith, Ark
August 25, 2017


401st FMS engine shop. England AFB 1964-1965. Loved it. Been back several times. Time doesn't stand still. Makes my heart hurt!

Bernard Daigle
August 24, 2017


Served in 23rd SPS 76-79

Brian B. (Smurf)
August 24, 2017


Worked in the AGE shop from 1986-87. Good memories.

Tom Petty
August 17, 2017


My father, SMsgt Thomas F. Petty, FMS, was stationed at EAFB several times ... the last time was from 1970-73. We lived at 4501A and B alternately. I attended AJH, ASH, and Menard. My mother,  Joe Ann Petty worked at the elementary school on base between the NCO and Officers housing. I delivered the base paper each week, spent many good times at the youth center, bowled in the Saturday morning leagues and was in the Boy Scouts (still remember the Quonset hut across from the fire station) until they moved them out behind the NCO picnic area. I joined the Air Force in 1977 and became a Fire Protection Specialist/Instructor.

Robert S. Miller
August 14, 2017


In 1954 I was there in the 366th Air Installation Company. We designed and installed the 1st runway aircraft security restraining barrier on the end of the longest runway.  This was done after Col. John England was killed in France on an aborted flight. We used heavy duty nylon straps hung on 5 foot stanchions hooked to anchor chain we received from the Navy. I have photo of the crew that installed this test barrier. In addition we hosted the filming of "The McConnell Story" in 1954. F-84F were painted like MIG's. 

Jim Wilson
August 10, 2017


EAFB was my 1st base out of Chanute AFB, Avionics Tech School.  I was at EAFB from 1982-1986, 1st with the 76th and then 75th.

I deployed to Woodbridge for a great TDY, Airman Paul Faddis and I hungout together a lot, and generally I stayed out of trouble while learning a lot.

I had the absolute fortune to work for TSgt/MSgt Robert Corley.  As a new airman working A10's being mentored both on the aircraft and in life by a TSgt/MSgt was something I recognized as special and have later realized was a tremendous blessing.  For my 20-year USAF career I always saw MSgt Corley as my example of THE Supervisor/Mentor/Trainer.

I married a girl from back home (FL) after 2 years and moved off base.  We spent a lot of time with SSgt Joe Winters and his wife Jane (from UK)- they were wonderful to us.

Working A10'a was not a big challenge for an avionics technician and I later cross-trained to F-16's and moved to Luke AFB, AZ.  Nevertheless, I will always remember with fondness EAFB and the lessons I learned from MSgt Corley.  That and his big arm around a skinny little kid when he'd call me "Li'l Jimmy."  Oh, and his phrasing... "hand me that screw stick Li'l Jimmy."  Never a screw driver.

Thanks for the memories,
Jim Wilson

Jim Presley
August 3, 2017


At EASB 73-81. Worked in Repair & Reclamation shop the first 4 years and then became an FTD instructor.  PCS'd to RAF Bentwaters.  Many good memories of the base and area.

Ssgt Bill Firpi
August 2, 2017


Served '86-'89 as a Ground Radio troop with the 1908th Comm Squadron.  Commander was Major Michael Smiley,  CMSGT Jack Tomlin was the Chief of Maintenance, Guy Gordon was my NCOIC, and Jim Overfelt was my boss.


England was the best assignment of my AF career.  Learned the joys of bass fishing with the base fishing club and going to a Kincaid, Cotile, or CLECO every weekend and sometimes after work.  Also had the pleasure of working with some of the most outstanding people I've ever met:  Curtis Monds, Dennis Stone, Leo Curry, Keith  Fontenot, Ross Cormier and many others whose names my old mind can't recall right now.


Fond memories of driving through the pine woods to work on the gun scoring systems at the gunnery ranges (at night it was a trip!), crossing  the flight line to the receiver site and doing midnight maintenance on the Tower and the RAPCON radios and consoles, setting up public address systems all over the base including climbing the crazy water tower, and playing war games with face painting and sand bag bunkers.


Also attended NCO Leadership School at England and learned skills that made me successful on my civilian career.  Icing on the cake was my youngest daughter coming to us at St Francis Cabrini Hospital in Alec.  Best of the best!

Brian Duplantis
July 25, 2017


Worked in pol bulk storage plant from Sept. '67 to May '68 when I got discharged. Came to EAFB from Pleiku. Still keep in touch with my best friend Dale Lambert.

Dennis Orcutt
July 20, 2017


1973, 1974, 1975 23rd Combat support group. (TAC) Flying Tigers. Structural repair maintenance crew.

Patrick Hudgins
July 19, 2017


Served at England AFB from 1975 - 1978

July 15, 2017


Worked in the pharmacy with Leo, TJ, Ray, Fred, Spencer, and Scott.  Learned a lot and have wonderful memories.  Was stationed there from 83-87.  Always think about my time in the USAF and talk about it frequently.  Gave me my career.  Loved Alexandria, LA!!

James Brewer
June 20, 2017


Crew chief  Red section  74 to 78. John Zeller where r u ?

Donna Adams
June 15, 2017


My dad was stationed at EAFB from 61-70 (an unusually long time at one base back then!). I grew up on base starting third grade the first year the school opened. (Went to Rapides Parish elementary school for first and second grades). So many memories! We lived on Royce Dr, then Norman Drive. It was an idyllic childhood..riding bikes everywhere, softball and football leagues, bowling, cheap movies, great swimming pools.


I was there when the championship men's softball tournament happened, the "30 year snow event", great dances and activities at the youth center. I went to AJH and was an entering freshman the first year ASH opened. Some friends I remember: Mike McKinney, Bob Adams, Jody Laboliere, Valerie and Debbie Valdez, Pixie Geiling Susan Anderson ... and some first names (last names forgotten!) Robin, Sandy (Norman Dr), Twohey.  I had a hard time sleeping when my dad retired and we moved off base ... it was too quiet! Missed the sounds of aircraft coming and going .


I wouldn't have changed the childhood I had on base for anything! We went to St James Episcopal church, and remember taking the base shuttle downtown to go Christmas shopping and look at the Wellans windows. McDonald's opening on McArthur Dr was a huge deal.


I have really enjoyed reading everyone's memories!

David Jaynes
June 14, 2017


Was at England AFB 10/70 to 11/71 from Kentucky. Iwas a jet engine mechanic on F-100s. Great assignment.

Antonio Duran
June 6, 2017


I was stationed at EAFB from 1956 to 1960. Was assigned to the 622nd Squadron. I remember when my buddy and I were sitting in the cockpit working when we saw the first KB50 coming right toward us in a fly over the squadron. Shortly after we switched from the KB29 to KB50.

M. Jason Brown
May 26, 2017


My grandfather ran the Texada-Bailey meat processing plant on Bayou Rapides, maybe 1/2 mile from the base. I loved as a kid (and even teenager) watching the A7s and then the A10s doing touch-n-gos. And of course the BRRRRRRTT of them doing gun runs.


In 1989 as part of my LSU AFROTC program, I qualified in rifle and pistol at England. Not long after that the base closed.

Ralph W Schall, Msgt, retired in 1982, at England AFB
May 21, 2017


Loved England AFB

Robert (Bob) Banks
May 11, 2017


As an R.O.T.C. candidate, I spent August 1963 at England AFB and still consider it one the best months of my life, despite marching off demerits and 110 degree heat and the worst humidity ever.  When I got to college about 6 weeks later, I learned that I had flunked the physical (hearing).  So I did my Vietnam-era service in the Navy. 


I'd love to be in touch with so many friends I made that August.

Debby Horton Boyle
Monday, April 17, 2017


My dad was in the 622nd and we lived on base in the early '60's. I remember EAFB and Alexandria with fond memories. Sadly, we were on base when my dad's plane was lost near Bermuda. His KB-50 went down February 1962.

Theresa Holloway (Lopez)
April 1, 2017


I was stationed at England AFB from 1980 to 1982 assigned to work in the RAPCON. Great base for a first assignment.

Bob Busk
March 25, 2017


I was stationed here 9/82-7/84 23rdEMS. Quite different for an 18yr old from a small town in S Dakota. No Winter!

Tim Ganey
March 23, 2017


My father Billy Ganey served at EAFB in the late 60's. He was an E8 at the time. We lived on Nye Drive. Still remember it well.

Carol Cox
March 14, 2017


Was in Alexandria LA / England AFB during '71-'72 as a young Air Force spouse. We enjoyed exploring the area & culture. From the Virginia Beach VA area.

Ed Christie
March 11, 2017


May '67 PCS from Nam to EAFB 4412th Combat Crew Training Sq. until July '68. After discharge became Alexandria Police officer; retired 1996. Still live in the area.

Ted Riedel
March 9, 2017


Stationed at England Air Force Base in 1974 after returning from Viet Nam.

Mike Burns
February 15, 2017


Stationed at EAFB 1960-1964. Great memories with friends gathering at the Base Bowling Alley ... I believe Sgt. Sikes was the bartender??? Met some fine people during my stay.

Don Sikes
February 13, 2017


I was there from 1959-1964 in the 622nd, building the engines for the WB-50 airplane. After 6 months being there, I married a Louisiana girl.

Ken Schindler
February 11, 2017


I was stationed there from FEB 62 thru SEP 65. I was in the 401st ABG. Worked in Data Processing. Was part of the base bowling team in 64 & 65.

Steve Brown
February 8, 2017


Served there from 1974 till 1977. Lots of terrific memories there.

Louie Samaras
January 10, 2017


Stationed at England AFB from 1982 till 1985. Assigned to the 74th as a Jet Engine Mechanic. Work at United Airlines in Denver now as an Avionics Technician.

Billy Nolen
December 31, 2016

I was stationed at England from 1956 to 1960. Loved every minute of it; very fond memories.

Claude Rabon
December 26, 2016

Richard Heck
December 22, 2016

1980 to 1984 - 76th Weapons

Graham Hoeg
December 20, 2016

Stationed at the base from Nov 1951 to Oct 1953

Ralph Tomaino, Tampa FL
September 28, 2016

I was stationed 1/71 to 12/72 as crew chief on the F-100Ds/431st TAC SQD, and then the new A 7Ds from LTV

Lester Baker
September 21, 2016

1980-1984 The best years of my life

Donn Mike Gleason
September 9, 2016

Served at England from 74-75 in CES

Jaime "The Mach" Garza
August 19, 2016

Miss my buds, Dave, Mike, Carl, Woody, Bruce, Tracy, Ralph, The Poes, etc. Yes the yellow Mach 1 is still with me!

Stephen Lonadier
July 30, 2016

England AFB was my first base for the 8 yrs in the AF. I still think of all the friends I made there and where they are today: Kenneth, Pat, David. My time at England was filled with great memories in and around the base.

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CMSgt Ret. Kenneth W. Jones
July 29, 2016

Great memories, 1977-1986, 76 AMU Weapons Flight.

Dannis Arledge
July 27, 2016

I was at England from 1966 to 1969. I was in the 319th Air Commando Squadron and worked on C-123's, C-47's, B-26 and A-10's. Married a local girl and now live in West Monroe, La.

Looking for any information about the England AFB Recreational Area which was located near Cotile Lake. We have been told that there were some mobile homes at the site for transit families, a beach and a concession stand.

If you have photos or information to share, please contact us at

John Rognon
June 5, 2016

Stationed at EAFB 6/1969-10/1971. Air Traffic Controller. Fond memories of my time in Alexandria.

Dave Cannaday
May 25, 2016

I was a 462X0 (Weapons) stationed there from Mar 1977 - Aug 1979. I started out in the 23rd MMS and then went to the 75th AMU after some organizational changes. Had some great times there. If you remember me...shoot me an email.

Philip Fuentes
May 22, 2016

From Summerville, South Carolina presently residing in Crowley, Louisiana. Served at England AFB proudly from 1981 to 1989 in the 23rd Supply Squadron.

Mike Sowell
May 20, 2016

Stationed at England from 1986-1990 ... 23rd CRS.

Tina L. (Workman) Broussard
May 1, 2016

I was stationed here from Oct. 1986 - June 1989. I was in the 75th (black AGS), armament systems.

A1C Bias
April 27, 2016

Sent 22 F-100s to Danang in 1964

John A. Macnichol
April 14, 2016

Served in the 391stFBS as a crew chief on the F-100

Candace Parry (Hutchinson)
April 14, 2016

I remember when we lived in base housing just down the road from the base hospital; that was around 1974-1975.

Todd A. Washler
March 31, 2016

Great pictures and memories!

Karen Fielding
March 26, 2016

I have been away from this website for a couple years. It's been good reading the register again and seeing familiar names.

My husband was Colonel (Dr.) John Fielding.  We lived on base 1976-1980.  He was deputy commander of the hospital and a flight surgeon. Our oldest daughter Michelle attended the base school, and our youngest attended day care on base. Michelle played Little League, played tennis, and took many lessons through the youth center. We belonged to 2 bowling leagues.  We had horses that we boarded in the stables.  I played in the Officer Wives Mah Jongg club.

Sadly, John passed 12/10/2011; so looking at these pix have brought back some wonderful memories. We had the best memories of EAFB. So sad they closed the base.

Lone Tree, Colorado

I was stationed at the base in 1956-1959 and was the cartoonist and feature writer for the base newspaper, The Tiger Talk

My cartoon appeared weekly called “Stinger’s Stunner.”

If anyone remembers and would like to receive a copy of my latest book of cartoons just recently released called ”The Lighter Side of Collecting!” or my first book, “I Buy Junk. I Sell Antiques.” please email me at or visit

Anyone who mentions the web site will get 10% off the retail book price.

I also saved most of my cartoons from those Air Force days and would be happy to send copies to anyone who is interested.

Best wishes to all and a special thanks to all our Wounded Warriors.

John Stinger

Author's Note: Read more about John Stinger and view some "Stunners" cartoons from the base newspaper circa 1956

Richard Stang
March 6, 2016

New Brighton, PA

Richard E. Floyd
February 26, 2016

I was stationed there from June 1978-August 1979. It was my first duty station and I arrived there as an E-2 OJT for 631x0 Fuels operator. I was there for a brief time.

I often think just long enough to get my 5 level and then on to Upper Heyford England. Over the years I have seen a few of the personnel that I knew there. Such personnel as Paul Thurston, and Msgt Salter. My wife and I still have fond memories of the area.

Linda Kinley Oliver
February 23, 2016

My father Benson Ray Kinley helped open England AFB

Stephen A Lonadier
February 11, 2016

A good site. I have a lots of great memories of EAFB from 1970 - 1973 as part of a wonderful group of men with DET 9 43 ARRS.

Michael J. McTamney
February 3, 2016

Returning to Visitor List after being away for several years.

Ray Bottoms
January 27, 2016

Was there from 1963 to 1967. Remember the good friends and good times.

David Talley
January 21, 2016

Was stationed at EAFB from 1987-1989 as wing PAO. Wonderful place to serve and raise family. Visited there 7/2015. Despite 25 years of change I could still reconnect memories with places.

John Stuckey
January 9, 2016

72-73 23MMS ... looking for any old vets from this time

Jose Luis Fernandez
January 2, 2016

CH,Major, USAFR, (Ret.)
Served at EAFB during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

Stephen G. Morris ) 
January 1, 2016

Stationed at England AFB September 1973 until June 1977. Air traffic control - dual rated - tower and RAPCON. Watch supervisor, training and standardization specialist, terminal instrument procedures specialist. Almost went down the tubes in the RAPCON recovering 17 A-7s during heavy thunder storms. Loved Louisiana. Especially fishing at Lake Cotile.

Ssgt TimothyWwarpechowski 70-72
December 26, 2015

Last duty station after Vietnam. My first son Craig was born there in brand new hospital. Will never forget our sta. Thanks again England, Pineville, and Alexandria.

Harry A. Gray
December 24, 2015

Stationed here Jan 1969 to Aug 1969

Roy Hancock
December 23, 2015

Stationed at England AFB from 1979 to 1982. Worked in 76th AMU, B Flight. Worked on both A-7D Corsair and A-10A Warthog.

Cary Martin Msgt USAF (ret)
December 17, 2015

I was stationed at EAFB from Sep 67 to Dec 1968. Arrived there from an assignment at Udorn RTAFB and worked in Base Supply. Went from the Base Supply Sqd. to the 317th ACS to set up a squadron supply point. Really enjoyed my time there.

Still in touch with John Breuer (from Base Supply) and am looking for a guy named Ron Kiley. He was assigned to the 319th operating their supply point. I believe he was from Brooklyn NY, any help will be appreciated. Lots of good memories made there.

Can be reached via email or on Together We Served USAF.

Walter Heathcock
December 5, 2015

I was there from about Jan 1955 to Dec 1956, 366 FMS as a jet engine mechanic.

Paul L. Smith
December 2, 2015

Was there from March 1978 to August of 1982. HQ Squadron, Data Automation.

John Bumgarner
November 11, 2015

Served 1973-1977 23rd OMS Crew Chief on A7-D blue tail and black tails. Preflight and other.

Billy D Walton
November 8, 2015

Stationed @ EAFB 1994-88. Worked in Mil/Travel
Pay Office. Does anyone remember the name of the 2 clubs down the road from the back gate?

Sam Searcy
August 10, 2015

• Reunion Name: 401st/834th Supply Squadron
• Reunion Dates: October 9 – 11, 2015
• Reunion Location: Alexandria, Louisiana
• Planner Contact Name: Sam Searcy
• Planner Contact Email:
• Planner Contact Phone: 720-841-1060
• Organization website:
• Hotel Information: Comfort Suites, Alexandria, LA (318) 445-9800
• Reunion Registration Deadline Dates: October 1, 2015
• Branch of Service: United States Air Force

The 401st Tactical Fighter Wing (401st TFW) was assigned to England AFB, Louisiana from February, 1954 until permanently split and reassigned to Spain and Viet Nam in April, 1966. The Supply group was also split in April, 1966 and some troops moved with the 401st TFW and others were reassigned to the 834th Air Division at England Air Force Base.

This reunion started as a Supply Reunion for any 401st/834th Supply personnel and expanded to anyone stationed at England AFB during the 1960s.

Join us for the activities and reconnecting with life-long friends. If you have a connection with England Air Force Base or with Air Force Supply, you are encouraged to attend.

Join us, you will feel at home in a casual, relaxed, fun group of veterans.

Larry A. Cochran )
September 15, 2015

Retired in Center, Texas. Go to Alex every time I get a chance to fish and visit old friends.

Howard Jenkins
September 13, 2015

I was stationed there from 1985 to 1991 and helped to put the planes together for the Air Park. I live in central Florida now. I have some old tiger talk news papers and pics.

Wayne Whitaker
September 13, 2015

! was stationed there from 1962 to 1964 as a air police sentry dog handler. I was 18 years old and grew up there. I was watching t.v. in day room when they announced John Kennedy had been shot and had died.

Gerald Allen FTD
August 28, 2015

Signing the EAFB Visitor Log

Maureen McAllister
August 21, 2015

I remember living on this base on base housing when my father was stationed there before he retired in 1973. I remember our house, the golf course, the hospital, the elementary schools, the base commissary and movie house, among other things.

Michael Scheirmann
August 13, 2015

I remember growing up and watching my favorite planes, the A-10s, fly over my house. My father was stationed there along with my uncle. I greatly miss EAFB. Currently live in Vincennes, IN

Phillip W. Shute
August 5, 2015

I was operations officer for the 23rd services office from dec 25 1978 to july 1980. I then became eeo officer until jan 1981.

Tyrone Mullins
July 30, 2015

I loved EAFB for the teamwork in my unit, the 4410th supply sq from Oct 69-Aug 70. If SSgt Banduch from the POL section is still in the area, ask him if he remembers, Silvis, Cotter, and Mullins. we worked 16/32 shift. We fished a lot, had fish frys at his home. also Richardson, Yarborough, Guillory, priest, Johnson and so many more 630's.

I'm retired, living in Montgomery, Il

Nelita Kay Sciretta (Cooper at the time)
July 25, 2015

I was stationed there. I was the first female command post controller at the base. Met many wonderful people there, wish I could find some of them!

Rebel Bird (Dependent)
July 18, 2015

Loved it back then (1972-1974). Had a lot to do on the base and off. Best memories. My dad TSgt George L Bird worked at Civil Engineering Squadron.

John H. Levasseur
July 8, 2015

Signing the visitor log

Ramon Stroud
July 2, 2015

Signing the visitor log

Michael Volk
June 21, 2015

I was stationed at England Air Force Base from 1956 to 1958. I was transferred to Iwo Jima. After my tour I was again assigned to EAFB from 1959 to 1961. Both times I was in charge of the base telephone center.

Patrick Stephenson
June 19, 2015

Feb. 1977 to April of 1981 Will always hold a special place in my heart for EAFB, my fellow Airman and Louisiana.

Steve Byrd
May 21, 2015

Assigned to 23rd MMS, weapons loader, 1974-1977. TDY to Barbers Point NAS, HA & Nellis AFB, NV for Red Flag Operations. Enjoyed the Spades game will waiting on aircraft to return from training runs on EOR assignments.

Gerald R. Miller (Jerry)
May 15, 2015

I was stationed at EAFB 7/67-9/68 as an E-4 AFSC 42251 (acft Mechanical Accessory's/enviromental systems repair specialist. I am looking for anyone that I worked with or might have known me or knew E-4 Charles Dunn(worked A-37's), Kip Beasley (319th ACS/SOS) or Mike Nelson (Security Police).

While I was stationed at EAFB I was assigned first to the A-37's then moved to the MARS shop working on A-26's,C-47's and whatever, I then moved across the ramp to the 319thACS/SOS where I was in charge of the two man Mech Assy shop until I was discharged in Sept 68.

Patrick C. Wedeking
May 6, 2015

Was assigned Jan 1971 - OJT into the 'Fabric Leather & Rubber repair career - that meant repairing the flaps of the C-47 AIRCRAFT - left in Jun 1974

Tom Windeler
April 22, 2015

I was stationed there from 1980 till 1983 I was there from the transition from the A7 to the A10. I was an aircraft armament systems in the 74th tfs (blue squadron)

Dave See)
April 21, 2015

EAFB was first duty station after Tech School. Many memories there married my first wife at Base Chapel and my son was born at Base hospital. Stationed there from Jun 62 to Aug 64. Worked in the LOX part of POL with the 401st Supply.

Went thru in 2013 and had many good memories revived. I never did see any mention of the 401st at the display as you come into the Airpark.

Raymond Orth
April 18, 2015

Served 1969-72 with 427th SOTS. Still living and retired in Bethlehem PA.

William Taylor
April 17, 2015

Robert Burgess
April 14, 2015

Stationed at the 23rd TFW Hospital during Desert Shield and Desert Storm under the command of Col Dibattista. Good memories. Hope the city is taking good care of things.

Cheryl Sistrunk Bradley
April 4, 2015

My dad was Harold McCay Sistrunk. He flew the F-100 Super Sabre. He did a tour in Vietnam at DaNang from 1964-1965. He came home and got his MBA and was deployed from England, AFB for another tour 1966-1967 out of Phan Rang, I believe.

He was with the 614th Tactical Fighting Squandron, nicknamed the "Lucky Devils". If you knew my dad, flew with him and have any stories or info you can tell me about his career that I can pass on to his grandchild that never knew him - I would greatly appreciate it. My dad passed away too soon (in his 50's) from Sudden Death Syndrome. I did not know this part of his life at all. And it was very important to him. I'd like to know more about that part of his life.

Patrick Humphries
March 30, 2015

It was my first duty assignment. I was stationed there from 1973-1975. I remember the O-2, A-37, and A-7 aircraft. I remember how hot it would get on the flight line. I also remember the smell of the pulp mill in Pineville.

Scott Babecki
March 29, 2015

Signed visitor log

Pam Dey (
March 16, 2015

I was stationed at EAFB from 1968 until 1971. I was in the 4410th Combat Support Group. I am trying to locate a baseball type hat for that time period. Please advise. Roland J. Dey, E4 rank.

Jerry Goodale
March 2, 2015

William(Bill) D. Finical
March 2, 2015

Many fond memories of "growing up" on EAFB as a youngster. Worked at the Commissary as a bag boy through out high school, graduating from Bolton in 1961. Knew LTC England

Elaine Fey Head
February 25, 2015

My husband, Captain James Fey was stationed with the 3rd TAC Wing 1964-65.  He was killed on a night mission 10/19/65.

The families in the Wing were some of the best people I ever knew and the people in Alexandria were wonderful to me and our children.  St. James Episcopal Church was my rock during those difficult days.  I will always be grateful to Alexandria.

Claudia Jube Kellogg
February 25, 2015

Hi, everyone!  I haven't been on this site in so long, and I'm amazed to see the new format, etc.

I am particularly interested in addressing the last signer, Antonio B. Duran, and would ask him if he remembers my father, (at the time he was at EAFB - he would have been a major - he retired as a Lt. Col), Major Herb Jube.  I believe his nickname with you all was "Captain Crack" (!!!!) because he always did his own inspections before flying and was VERY particular about his planes being "fit" for flight!

Daddy recently "took his last flight - to heaven, on January 18th of this year, and so my sister and brother and I have been going down memory lane.  Antonio, I grew up on EAFB, until I married in 1962 - which leads me to my next question ...

Does anyone anywhere have any pictures or articles of when the 622nd KB-50s did a mock "burst" with four planes (my daddy being the pilot for one of them) in formation like the Thunderbirds do?  It would have been at an annual airshow, the Thunderbirds were there performing, and our KB-50s did this "performance" as a complete surprise to all, except a few higher ups who approved it (Col. Tiernan being one!).

I/we would LOVE to get our hands on this memorabilia.  Our Mama, who is 90 now, can't remember having the article, but I have seen it with my own eyes, so I know it exists somewhere!

Antonio B Duran
February 14, 2015

I would like to get a 622nd AREFS cap. I was in that squadron from 1956 to 1960. I was a engine recip.mechanic. Worked on the KB29 and KB50 tankers.

Chris P. Beaudoin
February 13, 2015

I forgot about good old Grandma's Catfish House .... the only time I got to go there, was the night it was burning to the ground, and we in the EAFB F.D. were doing a mutual response with the Alex F.D. Not the most pleasant reason to miss a night's sleep!

Stephen Marlowe
February 10, 2015


Don Stutts
January 26, 2015

Kernersville, NC

I was stationed at England from Oct.1967-October 1968. I was there just before going to Vietnam. I can't remember the squadron but I worked on C-47 aircraft and lived on base. I worked part time at the old Circle Esso station in Alexandria and remember "cruising" McArthur Drive in my 1966 Chevelle SS looking for girls, of course. I have remained friends with the owner of the Esso Station, Barry Mitchell and was fortunate enough to visit with Barry and his wife Beverly this last summer (2014.) This was the first time I had seen them since 1968.

I left England in 1968, did my time in Vietnam and was reassigned to Charleston AFB, SC where I was discharged in 1970. Thanks for the walk down memory Lane.

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