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Ken Cassola
December 28, 2008
Peabody, Massachusetts

Comments: I was stationed at England AFB from March 1973 - Oct. 1974. My rank was Ssgt. I was assigned to the 23rd. OMS. Sq. I worked in the phase docks on the A7-D and A-37 Acft.

Bobby J Hogue
December 8, 2008
Alexandria, La

Comments: I am signing for my father Tsgt Bobby Hogue who retired from the USAF in 1975, stationed at England AFB, and resides there now in the Airpark community. I have visited him several times and tremendously enjoy looking around the base. He was in CE while stationed at England, and had a hand in opening the Hospital there. Thanks for this site!

Robert Hogue
San Angelo, TX

Bill Groff
November 25, 2008
Columbia, SC

Comments: I was stationed at EAFB four times from 1969 to 1991. I remember the mall being built and many of the downtown stores like Security moving to it.

Thanks for some great pictures.

Ken Young
November 18, 2008

Comments: 622nd arefs alexandria, la 1959-1962 in flight refueling operator.

Tom McDaniel
November 8, 2008
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Comments: I do miss the days I was in Alexandria and all the wonderful people I met there while in the AF. I was there from 1/71 until 8/72.

Anyone out there remember me e-mail me. Thanks for the memories.

Terri Cox
October 25, 2008
Charleston SC

Comments: My family was stationed at england afb from england in the late 70's, and I have many fond memories. I used to work at the treasure island. I found this site quite by accident. alexandria is such a beautiful place, sad how time changes everything.

Swimming pool, Bringhurst Park, Alexandria, Louisiana

Mary Louise Baier Wier
October 6, 2008
City: Chattanooga, TN

Comments: Was raised in Alex. on Bush Ave ... tried to find a picture of the apt. but doesn't look right; we we were right across from the city pool and park!

Went to Bush Ave. Elem., Aiken and Bolton '62 -- been thinking a lot about memories on Bush Ave and Prescott Rd! Met my husband at England AFB.

Anyone remember the gravel pit swimming place outside town with the rolling telephone pole????

Russel Farrar
August 28, 2008
Chester, VT

Comments: I spent a few months stationed at England AFB during 1969-70. My best times were spent at Smitty's Garage and with Smitty's family. He had two daughters Thelma & Kathy; their Mom was a nurse. If you know of them, ask them to contact me. I have a few pictures kicking around of times down there and camping & fishing at Toledo Bend.

Good people, good times...

Phil G. Giriodi
August 18, 2008
Scottsdale, Arizona

Comments: Thanks for the memories. I was stationed at Alexandria AFB in 1952 thru 1954. Great little town with wonderfully warm and hospitable people. I almost married a very lovely young lady from there but fate had other plans.

I went on to become a CBS Network News Photojournalist (Walter Cronkite News and "60 Minutes") and now retired.

All the best and thanks again.


Wendy (Layman) Bischler
August 15, 2008
Raleigh, NC

Comments: I was born at the England AFB Hospital on June 24, 1963, while my father was training. I only lived there for 2 1/2 months.

Walter L. Cook
August 8, 2008
Bossier City, Louisiana

Comments: Went to England AFB April 1955. Left to open Myrtle Beach AFB, Dec. 1956. Have good memories and friends from that period. Retired 1974, Edwards AFB, Ca.

July 22, 2008
City: Trail, Oregon

Comments: I was stationed at EAFB early 1970s. I worked in Life Support at that time. We trained VNAF pilots flying the A-37. I was there for approximately. 2 1/2 years.

United States Air Force 622d Air Refueling Squadron

Clara Claud Gantt
June 9, 2008
Columbia, SC

Comments: My husband, Bruce S. Gantt, was stationed at EAFB in 1959-1962.

He was in the 622nd Air Refueling Squadron. Does anyone remember him? If so, please email us.

Clara Claud Gantt
May 24, 2008
City: Columbia
State: SC

Comments: I lived in Alexandria from 1958-1962. I went to Bolton High and met and married my husband, Bruce, who was at England Air Force Base. We left there in 1963. Does anyone remember me? I would like to contact Betty Lacombe Miller and Theresa Vereen and Sue McCoy.

Jess Morrison
April 23, 2008
City: Dallas
State: Texas

Comments: Hello Richard,

I remember you from Alex. I was stationed at England Air Force Base. you where a 2LT. Did you retire a full bird? I retired after 23 years and now live in LA. I will email you. Take care Lieutenant.

Fred "Radome" Rouse
April 13, 2008
City: Mouth Of Wilson
State: Va.

Comments: I was stationed at England from 1972-76 and 80-81. Of my 22 years in the Air Force, Alexandria and the Air Force Base was my favorite place. I was in the 76th, Red Section with the A-7's and A-10's.

If anyone here was in Red Section during those years, please e-mail me!

Andy Bissinger
April 12, 2008
City: Fall River
State: MA

Comments: I was at England AFB 1967 for a few months prior to a tour of Nam. LOVED THE PLACE!

604TH acs A-37. Love em! Also remember Bentley Hotel, a magic show, City Park and wrestling shows.

England Air Force Base
Bolton High School, Alexandria, Louisiana

Marguerite (Gifford) Capilli
March 31, 2008
City: Ocala
State: Florida

Comments: I was an Air Force "brat" and lived in Alexandria for most of my young years. My special memories include Crazy Lake where my my dad broke his neck, Base Housing was what's now housing for La. State Hospital, and the Joy Twin Drive In.

Also, Fuzzys, the old Sears where my mom worked for 33 years, Dr. Bordelon pulling my first tooth, Hotel Bentley and graduating Bolton high School in 1964.

Raymond L Orth
March 20, 2008
City: Bethlehem
State: Pa.

Comments: I served at England in the 427 SOTS from Nov 1969 to Feb 1972 as Sgt.

They were some of the best years of my wife's and my life. It was a great experience.

Patti Stroup
March 10, 2008
City: Phoenix
State: AZ

Comments: I was stationed at England AFB for a bit and lived off base.

England AFB

James E. Halcomb
March 7, 2008
City: Frisco
State: Texas

Comments: My parents lived on Horseshoe Dr. and I was in the AF at Alexandria AFB.

A great place to live in those days.

brian carter
March 6, 2008
City: smyrna
State: delaware

Comments: my dad was stationed at england afb. I lost touch with everyone. I am really interested in finding an old friend. His name is Dennis Stokes. We lived next door between 1985 and 1988. His mom received orders to Australia and I haven't spoke with him since. Can anyone help?

Lynn Rowe
February 23, 2008
City: Tampa
State: Florida

Comments: I was an AF nurse stationed at EAFB from 1976-1980. I loved it and the base. Wonder if there is anyone out there that served during that time and/or if anyone has pictures of the ATH Squadron or the hospital from the time. The only pictures I had were lost in a house fire.

Good to go back and think about the time I spent in Alexandria and Pineville.

Daniel M Banks
February 8, 2008
City: Burbles
State: TX

Comments: Response to Claudia Ube Kellogg. Yes, we knew Herb and Jean. The 622nd has a website, also a reunion coming up in late April 2008 in Lawton, OK. Sorry, I didn't see your entry until after you had changed your e-mail address.

Bob and Jackie Jennings
January 14, 2008
City: Heavener
State: Oklahoma

England Air Force Base
Base Chapel, England Air Force Base, Alexandria, Louisiana

Comments: I met some of the most friendly people anywhere I have ever been in these United States in Alex.

Bob was stationed at England AFB when we were married in 1953 and made our 1st home in Pineville and later into Alex. Our first child was born there in 1954. I learned to drive and received my first drivers license in Alex.

I still have dear friends in Alex and surrounding towns and love to come back there as often as we can. I hope that the people there never change as it has in so many places where we have lived in the past 54 years, reaching from Louisiana to Alaska and in between.

Every state has its own beauty but none has more than any other and I think the Alex area can compare and hold its own with any place in the U.S. and I have seen it all from north to south and east to west. I had dreamed of living in Louisiana from the time I was a child and it was the first state I lived in by choice after I was old enough to decide for myself where I would live.

I live in Oklahoma now, but my heart is still in Louisiana.

Mark Hinds
January 14, 2008
City: Crown Point
State: N.Y.

Comments: I was stationed at England AFB 1976 - 1978

Dale Newkirk
January 13, 2008
City: Janesville
State: Wisconsin

Comments: I was stationed at England Air Force Base in 1953.

Keith Campbell
December 18, 2007
City: Corydon
State: In

Comments: Stationed at EAFB from 1-67 thru 5-68. Loved it and would like to get back to visit.

John & Geraldine Walsh
November 20, 2007
City: Bethany Beach
State: DE

Comments: I want to thank you for the wonderful pictures. We lived in Alexandria while my husband was stationed at England Air Force Base, and loved every minute of it! Made some very good friends we will never forget.

Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

Debby Horton Boyle
November 12, 2007
City: Corpus Christi
State: TX

Comments: My father was stationed at England AFB with the 622nd ARS flying KB-50s. He died in a plane crash in 1962. We left Alexandria in 1964 when I was in 8th grade. I attended Pineville Elementary, Huddle, LS Rugg and North Bayou Rapides Elementary Schools and Brame Junior High.

I've always thought of Alexandria as "home" but years ago lost touch with friends. My youngest son is now a freshman at LSU and traveling back to Louisiana has re-kindled many fond memories. It was a pleasure to find this site and remember such happy times.

Kenneth Lee Kent Sr.
September 17, 2007
City: Marianna
State: Fl

Comments: Served active duty Air Force 1988-Base closure in Base Supply

Richard Scott Walker
September 7, 2007
City: Chilliwack
State: BC, Canada

Comments: I recently discovered that my father was Capt. Richard B. Gajewski, who was stationed at Alex (and Bangor, Maine) during the 1950's.

I would like to find out any information about him and to see if he is still alive and well. If anybody has any information, please contact me...

Thanks - Rick

Bill Tabor
August 31, 2007
City: Fayette City
State: PA

Rugg Elementary

Comments: EAFB was my first duty assignment right out of Security Police training center at LAFB in Texas.

I was only 17 years old when I first arrived at EAFB, the year was 1972, and I was a Law Enforcement Specialist.

Time has passed so quickly, it sometimes feels as though I had never left EAFB.

I was assigned the night shift at EAFB, my duties were to work the Main or Cape gate to the base, and on occasion I would be assigned to the flight line area to act as a Security Specialist, or "Ramp Rat" as we called it.

During my stay in Alexandria I met many wonderful people, and the city was very inviting to armed forces personnel. I can't say that I miss the watered down beer at the NCO Club though, as I would save my money for frequent visits to Baton Rouge during my days-off.

I've never returned to EAFB since my being discharged from the AF in the mid 70's. However, now that I have two children living within a 30 mile radius of where EAFB once was, it appears that I will see EAFB once again, and I'm most anxious to see how far the City of Alexandria has developed / progressed over the years.

Phillip and Carroll Cunningham
August 25, 2007
City: Okeechobee
State: Florida

Comments: Stationed on England AFB from Nov 1960 to Mary 1967. Worked in the clothing sales store and redistribution and marketing yard in that time. Had 3 kids born during this time, one in the Baptist Hosp and 2 in the base hosp.

Rugg Elementary

Brian O'Neill
July 22, 2007
City: Morristown
State: NJ

Comments: What a charming site!

My father was stationed at England AFB from 1960 to 1964. He flew KB-50s with the 622nd Air Refueling Squadron.

Our family lived the first year in Alex at #12 Circle Drive, and I went to 6th Grade at St. Francis Cabrini.

Then we moved on to the Base and I went to 7th and 8th Grades at Prompt Succor. I did half a freshman year at Menard Memorial before we were transferred to Langley AFB in Virginia.

It was wild seeing Randy Ball's comments about the Burger Chef and his sister Linda. I remember both very well. Linda rode horses in the field behind our Circle Drive home, and I had one of my earliest crushes on her.

We owned a couple of horses ourselves there, and I occasionally rode one of them with her. Buried somewhere in our family photo archives is a picture of her and one of her girlfriends sitting on horses standing by our backyard fence.

The Burger Chef pre-dated McDonald's in Alex, as I recall. I remember one day in 1960 right after we arrived when they actually sold hamburgers not for 15 cents but for a nickel!! It only happened once, as I recall.

Perhaps my strongest memories of Alex revolve around the culture shock I experienced moving there from suburban Long Island, New York, where we were living before. I spoke with a bit of a NY accent, and that really counted for something back then, as you might imagine. There was also something of a local vs. military kid tension in school, especially at Prompt Succor, but we all basically got along.

Menard Memorial High School, Elliott Street, Alexandria, Louisiana
Menard Memorial High School, Elliott Street, Alexandria, Louisiana

The old Menard Memorial High School on Elliott Street was an incredibly special place.

I still remember how smart the Brothers of the Sacred Heart teachers were, and hearing about the Kennedy assassination over the P.A. in class one afternoon, whereupon we all went home.

I revisited Alex in the mid-80s. Much had changed, of course, but it was surprising how many things remained, especially the still-small-town-lost-in- the-center-of-Louisiana feelings it evoked.

My life is richer for having experienced this remarkable town during the American "age of innocence" before the Vietnam War.

Karen Fielding RN,CBS
July 14, 2007
City: Burlington
State: Kentucky

Comments: What a wonderful site and even recognized a few names and places mentioned!

Menard Memorial High School, Elliott Street, Alexandria, Louisiana
Traffic circle, MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, Louisiana

Husband was stationed at EAFB 1976-1980 and was a flight surgeon and Chief of Professional Services at the hospital. Our daughter Missy attended the base school, and the youngest Amie attended pre-school at a wonderful methodist church off base.

Although we didn't venture off base too much, I too, remember the traffic circle. The first time on it, I must have circled at least 20 times!

I have good memories of LSUA where I first started a nursing program; clinicals at Rapides General and the Veterans Administration (VA) (I recall one instructor Ms. Guidrey, going out for 'po-boys' and Granma's for crawfish.

I have always hoped that someday I could take a nostalgic visit to EAFB. Although changed from what it was, I remember it with warm memories.

Byron Shaw
June 16, 2007
City: Fairfield
State: CA

Comments: I grew up in Alex with my dad stationed at the base. I went to North Bayou Rapides Elem on England Dr. During the summer we would ride our bikes out to the base pool. For lunch we would ride over to the bowling lanes for a grilled cheese and fries. We'd ride along the flight line looking at the planes (A-7's) at that time.

During the fall we played football on one of the base leagues. My brother and I (ok, more him than me) made the "Tiger Talk" newspaper several times. For some summer money I'd head out to the base with my lawnmower and get those yards ready for inspection. I went to Airbase Road Baptist Church. My pastor was Joe Sharp and my youth pastor was Jerry Carley. Other than my dad, these men taught me more about character than any other men in my life. they didn't talk it....they lived it. We lived in Alex up until my teens when we moved to Sulphur,La. I would eventually go back to Alex for my 4 year hitch with the Air Force.

Finished the nursing program in '93 and moved to California ... been here ever since. I love looking at some of the older pics. There was a posting to the register recently about Mayo's Saw Shop. I knew Charlie and his wife. They lived on railroad ave just near the overpass at that time. I hope everyone enjoys this site as much as I have. is my email. It was a nice stroll down memory lane.

Billy Short
June 16, 2007
City: celeste
State: texas

Comments: was dispatcher in base motor pool 1959 to 1961 when i was sent to korea. would like to talk with friends, especially gordon humes and john stewart, and any one else that remembers those days.

Byron Shaw
June 16, 2007
City: Fairfield
State: CA

Comments: I saw the entry from Mary who lives in San Jose, Ca and I just wanted to say I am just up the road from her in Fairfield, CA. I grew up in Alex with my father being stationed at England AFB. My brother and I played football on the base leagues. We had pictures in the "Tiger Talk" several times over the years. I was wondering whether there were any archives of those "Tiger Talk" newspapers.

I have such good memories of the base ... those days were nice when your kids could ride their bikes out to the base pool and maybe ride over to the bowling lanes for a grilled cheese sandwich and back to the pool until it closed.

It was so safe to let your kids literally be gone for 8 hours with no cell phones or fears. If anyone can give me anymore information regarding this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Byron

May 29, 2007

Comments: I was stationed at England AFB from 1973 to 1977. I had never been to Alexandria before. I will never forget the first time I got on the north traffic circle. I thought I would never get off. My wife and I really enjoyed going to the mall, especially on rainy days when you couldn't do anything else. We also enjoyed the zoo, and fishing and skiing on Cotile, Kincaid, Indian Creek, and Lake Buhlow.

We never went downtown much, we pretty much found everything we needed on MacArthur drive. We still visit a couple of times a year, and it still feels like home, even though it has changed a lot. I have regretted many times ever leaving.

Thanks for the memories.

Bill Groff
May 26, 2007
City: Columbia
State: South Carolina

Comments: Great site. Stationed at EAFB four times (69-72, 76-78, 79-81, 90-91)

Wayne Waltman
April 26, 2007
City: Jersey Shore
State: Pa

Comments: I was stationed at EAFB in 1989 and 1990. I was a weapons system specialist on the A-10. I have a lot of fond memories of the base and the town of Alexandria. Being from the north, it took me awhile to get used to the hospitality of the people of Alexandria.

England Air Force Base Chapel, Alexandria, Louisiana
The chapel at England Air Force Base

Rick Edwards
March 28, 2007
City: Marysville
State: Kansas

Comments: I was stationed at England AFB from 1976-1979 and again from 1984-1989. It was great to see the pictures of England and Alexandria again.

Especially the chapel on England where my wife and I were married in 1987.

Thanks for the memories.

Scott Pinson
March 14, 2007
City: carleton
State: michigan

Comments: Great times - Mark Wilborn of the 23rd component repair squadron. We worked together on the a-10"s and a-7"s -- tf34 engines -- great times. -- 83-85

Alexandria Air Force Base Louisiana

John Stinger
March 14, 2007
City: Stewartsville
State: NJ

Comments: Wow - was so great to see Alex! I was an airman stationed there in 1956-1959 and loved the town, the people and Air Force.

I was the cartoonist for the Tiger Talk the base newspaper and directed the base yearbook.

If I find anything from those days, I will share it with you and your readers. Thanks so much for the memories - the trip made me cry a little and I'm a 69 year old man now.

I don't cartoon anymore, but I do paint everyday.

Thanks again!

Doug Allen
February 8, 2007
City: North Platte
State: Nebraska

Comments: I was stationed at England AFB, Aug 1967-Jan 1971. Noah's Potato Chip Co. sponsored our bowling team on base.

I have some fond memories while I was there. I was fortunate enough to get to know some of the local people and got too enjoy some great Cajun hospitality. Would like to come back to the area sometime.

James R. Atwood, Sgt., Ret. USAF
January 24, 2007
City: Hope Mills
State: N.C.

Comments: Was stationed at Alexandria AFB, in 1953, transfered to Thule AFB, Greenland till June 1954. It sure was cold up there. Retired in 73. Loved that city.

England Air Force Base Chapel, Alexandria, Louisiana
Bolton Avenue U.S.O Club, Alexandria, Louisiana

Floreda Duke Varick
January 16, 2007
City: Tallahassee
State: Florida

Comments: As a 17-year old living in Alexandria when WWII started I quickly became a volunteer with the USO.  There was no USO building at the time the war started (does anyone remember when the Bolton Avenue USO was built? 42?).

We belonged to the Military Maids and attended many dances at the USO and at Camps Livingston, Claiborne and Beauregard and occasionally at Esler Field (I remember once we danced on the runway in the rain) and later we attended functions at Alexandria Air Force Base (now England). 

We would be taken from Alexandria to the camps via military bus and occasionally it would be a military truck (about half the time we were in formals - and always several chaperones were along).

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers those days.  I sometimes try to tell my sons about my experiences - they listen for about five minutes before their eyes begin to glaze over and they remember something they just HAVE to do.

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